Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month
Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month
Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month
Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month
Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month

Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month

Sew along with me to make the Fussy Fuel Quilt! Learn to make these 12 blocks using large scale prints with precision, genius level cutting and traditional machine stitching.

Yes! You CAN learn to fussy cut!

I’m sure seeing my epic fussy cut blocks has you wondering if you could possibly learn to fussy cut like that. I’ve taught these techniques in my "Fussy Cut like a Rocket Surgeon" workshops and I can confidently tell you that (unless you have serious visual impairment) yes, you can learn these techniques. I've broken down the fussy cutting process into 4 simple techniques: Isolation, Repetition, Pattern Matching, and Slice-And-Insert. The more techniques you layer into a block, the more amazing the results!

Take the time to master the 4 Fussy Fundamental techniques.

My popular "Fussy Cut like a Rocket Surgeon" workshops sell out in no time! These techniques take time and patience, so a 3-hour or 6-hour workshop isn’t always the ideal setting. I’m limited in the number of students I can help during that time. There are way more interested quilters than spots, even if I traveled to a different quilt show every month AND taught online workshops. Besides that, as you saw in the blocks that I showed you, a lot of the coolest blocks build in multiple skills, so you need to progress through Isolation, Repetition, Pattern Matching and Slice-And-Insert, before you can really tackle the complex blocks (without taking 4 hours and miscutting multiple times like my Cursed Cross block). So let me tell you about a brand new way that you can gradually master the 4 fussy cutting techniques, and create a beautiful quilt from your favourite fabrics:

That's exactly why I created Fussy Fuel!

I've taught so many quilters, both in person and online, how to piece mind-blowing blocks from their favorite fabric prints. I want you to move past the fear and have fun with your fabric. I want you to feel confident and inspired to use these fun techniques. I developed this block of the month program so I can be your guide and help YOU level up your piecing, and make a quilt that has your quilty friends asking "how did you DO THAT???". 

Make 2024 the year that you find your fussy cutting genius.

You don't need to travel to a quilt show or wait for a workshop with a local guild. You can start exploring the joys of fussy cutting and learn these fun techniques in just about an hour each month in Fussy Fuel!

Fussy Fuel 22 x 29 Rise and Shine low res.jpg__PID:171004f8-3d03-4a27-8adb-d180a52720ba

Fussy Fuel is my 2024 Block of the Month program

I've taken the fussy cutting curriculum that I've been teaching in person and online for years, and broken it down across 12 skill building quilt blocks. I've recorded clear, high quality, close-up videos, demonstrating every step of the process. I'll help you:

  • Create quilt blocks you can’t wait to show off
  • Sew better blocks, no matter what you’re making
  • Get over your fear of using “the good fabric”
  • Get your patterns matched up just right
  • Reduce seam ripping (we all need to do it, but the more precise your piecing, the less you’ll have to rip out)
  • Actually enjoy precision sewing -- and so much more.

What's inside?

Over 180 minutes of high quality video demonstrations, broken down into 12 monthly lessons, so you can easily find the exact step that you need to watch when you're mid-stitch.

Detailed PDF patterns for 12 fussy cut quilt blocks plus sashing and cornerstones for multiple sizes.

Fussy Fuel Course Mock-up 2 screens.png__PID:bc41351c-7651-4615-85b5-2b30baaeb466


Fabric Selection Guide

A mini-masterclass in understanding fabric prints! I'll walk you through colorways, motifs, scale, and more. I'll show you dozens of examples from my fabric stash, to help you pick the perfect prints from your stash for each block! 

The Rocket Surgery Toolbox

I'll show you how to create these jaw-dropping blocks using basic quilting notions that you already have. No need to get any fancy rulers. I'll include some optional templates for you to print at home on US Letter or A4 paper.
But if you LOVE gadgets, I'll share some tried and true recommendations for game changing notions at excellent prices.

The Cutting Table

Sewing is always better with friends! Whether you want opinions on a fabric choice, have a question about the BOM, or just want to share your beautiful finished blocks with fellow quilters who are in the know, this is a closed community of supportive makers to share and motivate you along the way. No social media accounts needed!

Who's teaching this thing?

Bobbie Gentili - iwu background smile-5662.jpg__PID:1a65e9b6-5afa-49e4-a7ce-8fc42183ac7c

I’m Bobbie Gentili, a quilt pattern designer and quilting educator. I’ve been published in international magazines, featured on podcasts, and taught quilters across North America.

I don’t believe that quilts have to be perfect
to be beautiful. Each quilt is a story that you write, in fabric and thread. It’s a way to express what’s in your heart, and wrap it around the ones you love.

I do believe that there can be enormous satisfaction in mastering a skill, and I love teaching quilters to level up their piecing and quilting, so they can rock any quiltmaking challenge.

While nothing can replace the connection and fellowship of sewing in the same room as a group of fellow quilters, hearing the machines humming as you self-narrate under your breath, that's not the only way to learn a skill.

I created Fussy Fuel so that you can build your fussy cutting skills at a manageable pace and end up with a finished quilt you can proudly show off. 

In this Block of the Month you'll learn:

  • How to make amazing blocks using my proprietary 4 Fussy Fundamentals: Isolation, Repetition, Pattern Matching, and the Slice-And-Insert.
  • How to plan your fussy cuts before cutting into your fabric (so you don't run out)
  • How to use the Colorways, Scale, and Motifs of a fabric print to create amazing fussy cut blocks (and what those terms all mean, with examples)
  • Proper preparation and pressing for precision piecing
  • Why pins are the enemy of precision
  • When a quarter inch seam allowance matters (and when to ignore it), and
  • How to avoid cutting the wrong part of the print 5 times in a row.

What you get when you sign up for Fussy Fuel:

fussy icons fabric selection guide.png__PID:8a3a6e4e-5ab9-4377-a089-33288c1a8a82

Fabric Selection Guide

... to help you understand the fabrics in your stash, and how you can fussy cut them to make amazing quilt blocks.

$9 value

Monthly Video Tutorials

... to walk you through the 4 Fussy Fundamentals, as well as each step of planning, cutting, and piecing each block.

$240 value

fussy icons (6).png__PID:0835cdb2-27fd-40c5-901e-ff2d62c397ba

12 Block Patterns

... designed to gradually increase your fussy cutting skills; including cutting instructions, fussy cutting templates, and fabric scale suggestions.

$36 value

fussy icons (4).png__PID:840dfd4d-1bb9-4180-91d1-d6378538b698

The Rocket Surgery Toolbox

... a discussion on favourite tools to set you up for success.

$5 value

fussy icons (5).png__PID:95cedd62-701d-4bc1-96fe-4741b87b1a99

Finishing Instructions

...  for sashing, cornerstones, and quilt top assembly. Multiple sizes and layouts to choose from.

$5 value

fussy icons (2).png__PID:7c256bbe-a07e-4e58-b37c-b980cc041a9a

The Cutting Table

... a community of supportive makers to share and motivate you along the way.


*values shown in USD

A total value of

Buy now

"Wow, that's a lot of stuff for such a low price? Really?!"

Yup, these mini-workshops are worth 3 or even 5 times what I'm charging. Especially since you get a front row seat and you can re-watch as many times as you like!
But my goal was to make this a no-brainer price for you, because I know you want to start making epic fussy cut blocks in 2024.
I don't want you to wait until someday... I want you to get started TODAY.
So I've priced it super low, so you don't have to save up or wait for a special occasion to treat yourself!

What students are saying:


It was thoroughly enjoyable. I recommend the workshop if you have a chance to take it. I picked up new techniques and a new tool that will be a game changer

-Letitia S.
Fussy Cutting Rocket Surgeon

Your video quality is top notch. Bobbie, you're a great presenter with amazing skills. I appreciate your passion in sharing your knowledge!

-Linda M.

I didn't think it was possible! High quality videos with detail information! I can refer to the videos anytime and while I'm sewing the quilt.

-Cinthia M.

A vibrant, young instructor. You are an excellent instructor and really have the most amazing, calm and soothing voice online.

-Mary C.

IMG_5985 - MINI outatime.jpeg__PID:c7aeb7f4-e8b9-4c29-8c88-02661f06b5d1

The class was interesting, your instructions were clear. It's the first time I've tried using glue like this and it makes things so much easier than pins or clips.

-Peggy C.
Fussy Cutting Rocket Surgeon

"I loved your class! I felt very comfortable asking questions and you are very motivated to help and share your knowledge."

- Tammy F.

Bobbie is warm and friendly, and brings attention to detail to the class. Her enthusiasm encouraged students to try new techniques. I love her innovative ideas, tips, and tricks!

- Tracy Brittain Loyek, Purple KATZ Quilting, Alberta Canada

Bobbie was upbeat and knowledgeable. The videos helped my piecing technique a lot!

-Courtney W. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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One-Time Payment

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  • 12 Block Patterns
    + finishing instructions
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Fabric Selection Guide
  • Rocket Surgery Toolbox
  • The Cutting Table community
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Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month
Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month
Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month
Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month
Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month

Fussy Fuel 2024 Block of the Month

Sew along with me to make the Fussy Fuel Quilt! Learn to make these 12 blocks using large scale prints with precision, genius level cutting and traditional machine stitching.


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